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In The Creekside Observer, published in Catalyst magazine, Merry captures the natural world in these insightful articles on the observation of the creekside.


Happenings and stories from the creek...

Creekside - Waiting for SpringWaiting For Spring

It is mid-January and the predawn temperature has registered below 10 degrees for the last two weeks.

Creekside - InfestationInfestation

For the second year in a row, the tall trees above the raspberry patch have been infested with pudgy, neon-green worms.

Creekside - SlammedSlammed

Global storming comes to Utah, and Millcreek takes a hit.

Creekside - A Backyard WildernessA Backyard Wilderness

Foxes and faeries on Mill Creek?

Creekside - Nine Hawks Nine Hawks

Over the highest ridge, something caught my eye - several large dark birds. Ravens?

Creekside - Backyard History Backyard History

A young archeologist gets his digs in early.

Creekside - Taken By Water Taken By Water

Magpies play out a parental drama.

Some of these articles were previously published in Catalyst Magazine.

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